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Project Overview


Town & Country Garden Services approached us in early 2019 looking to improve the overall look and feel of their brand, and introduce a website detailing the services they offer. The aim being for clients to easily view and contact them about their services via email. They had no website prior to this. Their only online media channels were Facebook, Instagram and Yell.


We set to work planning the make-over of TCGS. The proposed plan incorporated photography to be used throughout the website and social media profiles. Their logo would also need to be re-drawn in vector format to ensure the best quality when producing digital and print media. With this plan in mind, we began our work, producing the required outcomes.


After a month of working with TCGS, visiting them on jobs to gather photographs for the website and to understand their business, we arrived at a finished product with a high quality look and feel. High definition, captivating and creative photography throughout, coupled with lossless vector graphics really helped to achieve a high end finish.

Services Provided


Photography was an essential part of this project. Firstly to be used throughout the website, helping to explain what each of the services Town & Country Garden Services offer are. But also to be used as a way of creating eye-catching social media posts to help attract new business.

Web Design

The website was designed primarily around the services offered by Town and Country Garden Services. A user-centric design focussed on listing the relevent information in an easily accessible form while maintaining a high end aesthetic was our goal with the design of this website.

Web Development

We developed the features outlined in the design stage, implementing additional functionality such as an Instagram feed for TCGS to post to and keep the website looking fresh all year round. A handy ‘Call Now’ button was also integrated, enabling users to call through from any page.

The Result

“I contacted Marzo in January 2019 about designing my website and didn’t want to rush it as I wanted it to be perfect. They did an outstanding job and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Nat is very professional and helpful.”

Mitch Taylor-Wilson

Founder, Town & Country Garden Services

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